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Marriage and Family Therappist & Art Therapist

I specialize in Couples Therapy with the focus of using relational research from the Gottman Institute and implementing the Gottman Method  to support my couples’ relationship needs. I also specialize in Individual Relationship Therapy to help individuals bring their best selves into their most intimate relationships through narrative therapy, art therapy, and attachment-based interventions and to help my clients practice relationship skills such as non-violent communication, emotional regulation, empathetic listening, and relational compassion.


I am sensitive to how our larger cultural, spiritual, and family contexts shape the way we experience life and all the transitions in between. In therapy, I am committed to understanding the larger systems that have an influence over my clients as we situate the presenting issues in its right contexts for change. In my professional and personal experiences, I firmly believe compassionate practices open opportunities for recovery, growth, connections, and to experience joy. And I am committed to provide the safest relationship for my clients to make meaningful changes in their unique life stories.

Dessins Chalkboard

Permis de l'OTSTCFQ

Membre de:


Reason for consultation

Relationship issues

Abuse and sexual violence


Conflict management

Intimacy building

Stress management

Anger management






Hands couple tenant


  • Child (3 years of or more) and preteen;

  • Adults (individual and couples);

  • Family and groups


  • English;

  • Mandarin (with limitations/conditions)

Therapeutic approaches: 

  • Gottman method;

  • Narrative Art Therapy

*En conformité avec la loi 25, Loi modernisant des dispositions législatives en matière de protection des renseignements personnels: Cindy Tsay est désignée en tant que personne responsable de la protection des renseignements personnels concernant ses clients.

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